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☆ In November 1992

Bester was established,its main business was installation, commissioning and after-sales service of S1240 SPC switching system of Shanghai Bell.

☆ In October 1998

the Beijing office was established to carry out business in Beijing and the northern region.

☆ In December 1999

it was restructured and established as Wuhan Bester Group Telecom CO.,LTD.

☆ In March 2001

the Guangzhou office was established to formally enter the Guangdong market and carry out business in the southern region.

☆ In August 2002

the company was awarded Grade B qualification for system integration by the Ministry of Information Industry. In the same year, it obtained the second-class qualification of construction enterprise of telecommunication engineering of Ministry of Construction.

☆ In October 2003

the bid of the company's first national trunk line project (China Telecom Han-Yi trunk line) was won.

☆ In March 2004

the East China Business Division was established to provide services to Shanghai Telecom, Mobile, Netcom and Unicom in a synchronous manner, and to carry out business in East China.

☆ In May 2005

the bid of the company's first expressway (Xiangyang-Jingzhou expressway) was won.

☆ In March 2006

Zhengzhou office was established to serve in Henan and Central Plains areas.

☆ In February 2007

the first-class construction enterprise qualification of the Ministry of Construction Telecom Engineering was obtained.

☆ In April 2008

the bid of communication system project of the national key project of the century-the South-to-North Water Transfer was won.

☆ In June 2012

bids of communications and integration projects of the central and eastern lines of the South-to-North Water Transfer were successively awarded, with the winning amount reaching 180 million Yuan.

☆ In March 2013

Bester Group continuously won bids of 4GL TE mobile network and backbone transmission network projects in nine provinces of Hubei, Jiangsu, Henan, Beijing, Guangdong, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Gansu, and Bester Group has historically become the main force in the 4G network construction of China Mobile and Unicom.

☆ In November 2014

Bester Group won the biddings of 10 tender sections in 8 provinces of equipment engineering projects of China Mobile Group, with the winning amount of about 150 million Yuan.

☆ In August 2015

the company completed the joint-stock reform, and Bester Group shares were officially listed.

☆ In October 2015

Bester Group won the bid for equipment installation and collection projects between 16 and 17 year in 14 provinces of China Mobile, with the winning sum exceeding 1.1 billion Yuan. The area of whole country is divided into five regions, namely, North China Region, Northwest China Region, Central China Region, South China Region and East China Region.

☆ In June 2016

Bester Group was awarded the first-class qualification of the general contract of communication engineering construction of the Ministry of Construction. And it was awarded the national famous trademark as well.

☆ In December 2016

 ester Group won the bid for the 17-18 year pipeline nationwide gathering and mining project of China Mobile, with totaling bidding amount more than 3 billion Yuan.

☆ In December 2017

Bester Group won the bid for mobile device installation and collection projects in 15 provinces of China Mobile, with the winning sum exceeding 3 billion Yuan.

☆ In August 2018

the company's IPO issuance review passed.

☆ In November 2018

the company was successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

☆ In January 2019

Bester Group won the bid for the 19-20 year pipeline nationwide gathering and mining project of China Mobile, with totaling bidding amount more than 1.3 billion Yuan.

☆ In March 2019

the company was renamed as "China Bester Group Telecom Co., Ltd."

☆ From February to June 2019

Hong Kong International Company had been established; the international business had been formally established (South Africa project, Saudi project); and the Philippine LBS joint venture company had been established.