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China Bester Telecom Group Hong Kong Limited—International Business

Bester Telecom International Limited

Bester Technology South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Bester Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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Bester Telecom Hong Kong Limited

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Bester Telecom(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Leo Venn Holding Corporation.

China Bester Telecom Group Hong Kong Limited is mainly engaged in the construction of telecom network construction and data network ,intelligent and informatization application in the rest of the world. With the Internet of Things and 5G technology as the carrier, China Bester Telecom Group Hong Kong Limited, which seized the opportunities of The Times and followed the trend, has started international market expansion through the implementation of business in six countries (regions) in Asia and Africa. China Bester Group's delivery ability of international business and global competitiveness have been enhanced. And its information integration services for countries along the Belt and Road have been promoted.

Tianjin Designing Institute of Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd.—Telecom Network Design

Founded in 1980, Tianjin Designing Institute of Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd., formerly known as Tianjin Designing Institute of Post and Telecommunications, is specialized in planning, consulting, survey and design in the field of professional telecommunications.


The company received the Grade A Certification of Engineering Survey (Engineering measurement), Grade A Certification of Engineering Design Qualification for The Electronic Communication Radio and Television Industry (Wired Communication, Wireless Communication, Communication Tower), Grade A Certification of Engineering Design Qualification for Building Intelligent System Design issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China.It obtained the Grade B Certification of Engineering Design Qualification for Construction Industry (Architectural Engineering) issued by Tianjin Urban-Rural Construction Commission, and Enterprise Credit Grade AAA Certificate by China Association of Communication Enterprises. It passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification in 1999, and System Certification and Occupational Health and Safety System Certification in 2003.


The company has been focused on infrastructure construction in the field of communications, with business scope covering overall network planning, project feasibility studies, and survey and design in the professional fields of Internet of Things, communication network, communication lines and channels, mobile communication network, data communication network, communication intelligent network, support network, access network, power supply,intelligent building, etc. The company owns rich experience in feasibility study, planning and design of large-scale projects, and can independently undertake the overall planning scheme, feasibility study, technical consultation, preliminary design, construction drawing design, and first-stage survey and design of large and medium-sized projects. It is among the most competitive design teams in Tianjin.


Over the years, Tianjin Designing Institute of Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd. has provided numerous communication network planning, feasibility studies, and engineering survey and design services for Tianjin and many other provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, winning hundreds of excellent consulting and design projects at the ministerial and bureau level and earning a good reputation.



China Bester Telecom Group (Hubei) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, China Bester Telecom Group (Hubei) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.(formerly Wuhan Tongsheng Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of road marking paint, signs, guardrails, signal lights, electronic monitors and other related products. It owns traffic engineering contracting qualification at ministerial-level.

The company is committed to the development and innovation of transportation engineering. Through nearly two decades of research and unremitting efforts, it has successively obtained the Grade 1 qualification for highway transportation engineering project contracting traffic safety facilities, Grade 1 qualification for steel structure, and Grade 3 qualification for electromechanical engineering. It passed the 4-in 1 certification of ISO9001, 14001, 18001, 50430. It has integrated ERP, PM2, OA and management software, implemented office automation optimization management, and adopted project independent management system, which greatly improves its efficiency. With the development of society, the company also pays more and more attention to intellectual property rights. Since 2015, the company has obtained two product patents (utility model patents and design patents).

With its advanced management team, senior technical force, professional construction team, first-class professional construction machinery and equipment, strict quality management system, safety system, and proactive professional quality, the company provides comprehensive and systematic solutions for users’traffic engineering planning, construction, and traffic management, which has contributed to the company's success and won the market. Currently, the company has been involved in the design, installation, and production of the majority of main roads in Wuhan (including Wuhan Avenue, Changjiang Avenue, Longyang Avenue, Jiefang Avenue, Zhongshan Avenue, Jianshe Avenue, Qingnian Road, Zhongbei Road, etc., as well as over 80% of the primary and secondary roads in the high-tech development zones), major bridges and viaducts (such as Erqi Changjiang Bridge, Baishazhou Changjiang Bridge, Tianxingzhou Changjiang Bridge, Yingwuzhou Changjiang Bridge, Zhujiahe Bridge, Jianghan Sixth Bridge (Gutian Bridge), Changfu Bridge, Moshuihu Viaduct, Longyang Avenue Viaduct, Xiongchu Avenue Viaduct, etc.), tunnels and passageways (including Changjiang Tunnel, Donghu Tunnel, Shuiguohu Tunnel, Liyuan Tunnel, etc.), the Second and Third Ring Roads, Wuhan Railway Station, and the Wuhan Marathon runway. The company has been repeatedly recognized as a high-quality model project by the Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau. In order to specialize in traffic facilities, Wuhan Tongsheng Technology Co., Ltd. was establishedin 2013 to focus on professional intelligent transportation systems.

With the business philosophy of "innovation for long-term development, integrity as a foundation, and focus on transportation", the company strives to achieve a win-win situation of "quality" and "reputation", and to create high-quality model projects. It is committed to solving urban transportation problems and building a powerful transportation security management platform for the society.


Jingmen Rayzer Optoelectronics Technology CO., Ltd.-- System Solutions for Optical Fiber Transmission

China Bester Optoelectronic Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise integrating optical technology research, optical product development and manufacturing, is mainly engaged in research and development, customization, production and manufacturing of optical device products and technical services. Established in December 2015,the company is located in Gaoxin Road in Jingmen High-tech Zone, with a self-built industrial park of 100 acres and precision manufacturing plants.

The company advocates the "market is the only standard for testing technology", develops new technologies actively, and obtains more than 20 inventions and utility model patents such as platform with multi-fiber port and miniaturized DWDM wavelength division multiplexer with small angle filter. Holding the pulse of the market, it is specialized in the production of micro-optical components, high-power optoelectronic devices and related supporting products for optoelectronic communication components. The products are mainly used in information communication, high-voltage electrical equipment, industrial processing, life science, laser medical, petroleum and petrochemical industries, national defense equipment, intelligent building, new energy vehicles, etc.. The company owns a complete product quality control management system and after-sales service system.

With the concept of "people-oriented, common development", the missions of becoming a "world-class optical fiber device manufacturer" and "contributing to the photon revolution", and the policy of "leading technology with excellent quality",it is growing into a major world-renowned enterprise in optical industry.





Hainan China Bester Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Relying on the advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port, the company adopts modern electronic information technology such as 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automatic control, and mobile Internet in the field of intelligent transportation to carry out research and development of technology, products, and applications, and improve the operational efficiency and management level of transportation systems. Its main business areas include intelligent transportation facilities and system platform construction, shared electric bicycle operation, sharing and swapping business, 5G personal and low-speed intelligent vehicle networking services, asset services, and business integration.

China Bester Wuhan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Relying on the advantages of China Bester Group in capital, resources, technical services and other aspects, Wuhan New Energy Company invests in and operates distributed photovoltaic and distributed energy storage for industrial and commercial use, with the focus on self-consumption and redundant power supplies connecting to the grid. Drives EPC and product sales with investment. Establish the production line for 5GW blade battery energy storage system equipment.

Guizhou Zhechu Energy Co., Ltd.

With a sound quality management system, the company is a national high-tech enterprise. Its patents and monographs cover core technologies and algorithms such as CSC technology, vehicle-battery separated battery pack, power battery core manufacturing process, big data platform, etc. The company has established a joint venture with Ferdi Battery, Jianghuai Automobile, and Ankai Automobile to build the 15GW production line for power batteries, the blade battery PACK production line (10-20GW), and the energy storage system production line.

China Bester Cloud Digital Intelligence Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Provide computing power, storage, cloud services and solutions based on cloud hosts for government and industry, and provide intelligent computing services for AI enterprises. Actively introduce Internet giants, universities, research institutes, communication operators and important upstream and downstream industry chain ecological partners to carry out various forms of cooperation. In the next five years, the company will continue to invest 1000-2000P of computing power every year. The company is committed to providing investment, construction and operation of high-performance, large-capacity, safe and reliable computing power centers for the development of the digital economy.